Idea Channel on Evangelion, the Death of the Author, and the Overthinking of Pop Culture

By Aaron Clark on Saturday, August 26th, 2017 in Neon Genesis Evangelion, The End of Evangelion, Video.

PBS’s Idea Channel is coming to a close after five years of diving deep into and sharing ideas about pop culture on YouTube.  One of their final few videos, on the overthinking of popular culture, is a topic that has always been a concern of mine.  Quite often I find myself, as an Evangelion fan, concerned about society’s […]

Evangelion & One Hour Photo

By Aaron Clark on Thursday, November 10th, 2016 in Eva Monkey Videos, Movies, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The End of Evangelion, Video.

As an Evangelion fan, one of the things that I really enjoy is finding connections and threads between Evangelion and other works.  Not just in terms of works that influenced Evangelion, or that Evangelion specifically referenced, but also works that have subsequently been influenced by Evangelion and have made specific references to Evangelion.  It’s fun to […]

Evangelion’s distinctive typography will be sold on CD-ROM in the Evangelion Store.

By Aaron Clark on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 in Merchandise, Neon Genesis Evangelion, News, Rebuild of Evangelion.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was striking and bold in a number of different ways.  People often focus on the characters, the use of symbolism, and the action between Evas and Angels, but the show was also very unique in its use of typography.  From episode title cards to display readouts, typography is used heavily in Evangelion. […]

Anime Expo’s NGE 20th Anniversary Event: Nothing much to report.

By Aaron Clark on Monday, July 6th, 2015 in Conventions, Neon Genesis Evangelion, News.

This past weekend at Anime Expo, there was a Neon Genesis Evangelion 20th Anniversary Event featuring a concert with Yoko Takahashi, who you’ll know for singing Cruel Angel’s Thesis from the television series, as well as Soul’s Refrain from Death & Rebirth.  It was a premium ticketed event costing an additional $35-$45 dollars, and advertised […]

Want to buy an Evangelion animation cel?

By Aaron Clark on Thursday, October 24th, 2013 in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Occasionally, I put esoteric search terms into craigslist, just to see if anything interesting comes up, like putting “anime” or “manga” into the jobs section, or in this case, I entered “evangelion” into the for sale section.  Given various Evangelion media is out of print, I thought maybe I would see someone trying to make […]

Neon Genesis Evangelion going out of print?

By Aaron Clark on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I made a few tweets and facebook updates already, but after some reflection, I thought I should take a bit of time to muse over the recent developments concerning RightStuf’s sale of the Evangelion thinpack.  Around black friday, began a sale on a number of items, in particular, the Evangelion thinpack for $30.  That […]