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About Eva Monkey

What is Evangelion?

In the event that you are a visitor of this site because you want to know a little bit about the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, here is a spoiler free description of the show for your consumption.

What is Eva Monkey?

Read to your heart's content about all the details of this website, what it offers, and what its mission statement is, not to mention the answer to everyone's favorite question, what the name "Eva Monkey" means.

Who made this site?

What sort of depraved individuals would make a site like this?  Do you really want to know?  Here are all the details about the creative minds hard at work to feed your raging desire for all things Evangelion.

Do you take submissions?

Do you have a scan of an article or some bit of Evangelion information you've come across?  Perhaps you wrote something about Evangelion and you would like to contribute it to the site?