About This Site _ Do you take submissions?


Eva Monkey welcomes any and all submissions, whether they be questions, scans of Eva merchandise, transcripts of interviews, or even magazine articles about Evangelion.  I am trying to create an archive as well, and I believe the things that have been committed to words, either by the people who were involved with Eva, or those that simply love Eva, are especially important.  However, I must be a bit selective.  In order for Eva Monkey's content to maintain a certain level of accuracy.  For instance, if you have an article about Evangelion, I would prefer a scan of moderate quality rather than a typed transcript, not only will this save you time, but it will also help me to keep Eva Monkey's content to the highest level possible.  Also, I would prefer any and all pertinent details, publisher, manufacturer, author, date, etc.  If you want to go all out and do an MLA style citation thats good too, as I hope to have a citations section that is as accurate as possible.

All questions, comments, and concerns can be mailed to theevamonkey@evamonkey.com

Please title your email subjects "Submissions", or "Eva Monkey", or something along those lines.  If I get a strange email entitled, "Hey! Take a look at this!", I will assume its either a virus or porn spam.  So in order to assure you that your email will be recieved and reviewed please title appropriately.

Also, for any comments or sugestions about Evangelion theories or mythos, I more than welcome other people's insights, but please, explain your reasoning behind your opinions, and not "just because".  I tend to believe what I can understand, and if I can't understand your point of view on a subject, I certainly can't  believe it, nor can I incorporate it into my understanding of the Eva mythos.

Looking for something to submit?

First of all, so you know, my two favorite sections of the site to work on are the Written Statements section, and the Omake section.  So, if you have any essays, reports, or reviews that you have written or found to be exceptional, please send them my way.   Also, if you have found an interesting little factoid, blooper, or lemon concerning Eva, then send it to me.