Evangelion’s distinctive typography will be sold on CD-ROM in the Evangelion Store.

By Aaron Clark on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

Evangelion Typography CD-ROMNeon Genesis Evangelion was striking and bold in a number of different ways.  People often focus on the characters, the use of symbolism, and the action between Evas and Angels, but the show was also very unique in its use of typography.  From episode title cards to display readouts, typography is used heavily in Evangelion.

Fontworks, who created the font referred to as “Eva Mincho”, will be selling a special CD-ROM containing the fonts and a booklet with additional information about its selection and usage in Evangelion.  The font package will be sold in the Evangelion store starting November 10th, for 4,600 yen ( approximately $44.60 USD).  The package includes fonts from both the original series, as well as the newer Rebuild films.  The fonts are not licensed for commercial usage.

I thought they had exhausted the well of ideas with the Eva bucket.  But to be honest, as a designer, not to mention Eva nerd, part of me really wants this.

Source: Anime News Network