Hideaki Anno Stars in Honda Civic Commercial

By Aaron Clark on Friday, September 1st, 2017

Hideaki Anno in Honda CivicHideaki Anno stars in a newly released commercial for the Civic, Honda’s flagship sedan line.  Anno appears and provides voice over for the commercial, as does the Tokyo-based Japanese rock band ONE OK GO.  This is not the first time that Anno has appeared in a commercial, let alone a car commercial.  Sometime back around early 2005, Anno also appeared in a commercial for Nissan’s “Touch your NISSAN” campaign.

It’s hard to say whether or not Anno has a significant interest or passion for cars, however it is interesting to note that Anno’s personal biography on khara’s website immediately segues from Anno’s marriage to Anno driving:

“On March 26th of 2002, Anno filed the paperwork for marriage with manga artist Moyoco Anno. This was his first experience with married life. Later on, people close to him would remark that Anno had changed, both physically and mentally (he lost weight and became less edgy). Following his marriage ceremonies in June of 2002, Anno started driving again. It occurred to Anno that driving is an interesting medium to facilitate communication.”

Here’s the “Go, Vantage Point” commercial with Hideaki Anno: