New Evangelion Anime? (UPDATE)

By Aaron Clark on Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

The rumour mill is starting to heat up. Apparently a few months ago, a rumor that 4 new Eva movies were being made popped up. Three were to be re-edits of the series, and the fourth was to be new animation. The other day, Hideaki Anno posted a call for animators to work on a new feature at a studio named Khara. Incidentally, that same studio was just added to the copyright for Evangelion on Gainax’s official website. From this, it can be suggested that Anno is making new Evangelion anime. In similar news, NewType is making claims that a big Evangelion scoop is coming up in the September issue.

Tantalizing is it not? The possibility that Hideaki Anno might be making more Evangelion?

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Neon Genesis Evangelion animated into four movies?
There will be four movies, three movies with re-edited squences from TV series as well as some new sequences, the brand new fourth one. Just like the recent MS Gundam Z movies. The source for this information was kept secret, but there was a comment about a new project during the interview with Famitsu, could that be it?

On August 1, Evangelion director Hideaki Anno’s official website was updated with job listings for key animators and production staff at a studio called Khara.

Meanwhile, Gainax’s Evangelion site has added Khara to its copyright line. According to ANS, the domain is registered to Ikki Todoroki, with whom Anno performed in the 2005 film Naisu no mori.

ANS incorporates these items and two “rumors” to conclude an Evangelion film (or films) may be in the works. ANN cannot confirm the Evangelion connection.

September’s Newtype Japan advertises an “extra large scoop” on Evangelion in the October issue. Whether it is related to Hideaki Anno’s new project is unknown. The issue streets September 10.

8-7-06 (7:04AM EDT)—- New Evangelion Anime Movie(s) Coming?
One of the biggest rumors running this summer among Japanese fans online involves Studio GAINAX, presumably under the aegis of Director Hideaki Anno, re-editing and adding new animation footage to the original 1995 26 episode Evangelion TV series (ala Gundam Zeta) and releasing them as a series of new movies to Japanese theaters. So the story goes, as many as 4 movies could be produced and the 4th one may be entirely new material or may contain an entirely new ending to the Evangelion saga. A side rumor from a few months ago indicates a staff room for Evangelion was being created or renovated at GAINAX HQ. This questionable information started circulating prior to the below mentioned GAINAX search launched, looking for production and animation staff for a forthcoming Hideaki Anno directed animated film project codenamed “Color” (Khara). Those who meet the criteria are encouraged to email to joboffer(AT) or call. What can be confirmed now as fact is Evangelion and project “Color” are connected and the proof can be found on GAINAX’s official EVA website. At the bottom of the page, the copyright statement has added “color” (in katakana) to the Project Eva copyright information. Other twists include the following: A whois search for the domain reveals it is registered to Khara Corporation. The name Todoroki Ikki is listed as registration and tech contact. It’s worth noting Anno Hideaki appeared in the movies Taste of Tea and Naisu No Mori with Todoroki Ikki. Additionally, a search on GAINAX’s company overview page shows the Director’s name is no longer present. This is leading many to speculate “Color / Khara” could be a spinoff studio perhaps similar to Hideo Kojima’s production label “Kojima Productions” or Hayao Miyazaki’s private office “Ni Bariki”.