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[ Version 1: Red Cross ]

Eva Monkey Version 1 "Red Cross"

This is the first Eva Monkey site design.  While I still cringe whenever I look at it, I'm quite proud of it.  This was the first real web site I designed.  More importantly, it was eventually made up of php components, a skill that made it much easier to build.  This design also includes a randomized corner image.  It was a fun little element, I kind of miss having it.  Towards the end of this design's lifespan, I changed the main content's background color to white to make the text easier to read, but for the most part, the site looked like this.  The design was inspired by the End of Evangelion program booklet, widely known as the "Red Cross Book".  For a while, I had a strange interest in diagonals in site design, and here is one instance where I used it to create a sort of data console look.  I also am quite proud of the fact that this design scales horizontally to fill the screen.  You may also notice the button for Hooligan College, another site I designed and worked on during Eva Monkey's early days.  A high five goes out to anyone who remembers the days at HC.

Other site versions:

Version 0
Spring 2002

Version 1: Red Cross
Fall 2002 to January 30th, 2004

Version 2: Demo

Version 2: Cold Gaze
January 31st, 2004 to February 28th, 2005

Version 3
April 1st, 2005 to December 31st 2005

Version 3: True
January 1st 2006 to present

Otaku Hooligan College

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