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Eva Monkey Version 2 "Cold Gaze"

This is the second version of the Eva Monkey site.  It is perhaps the most visually dynamic design of the site.   With the second version, I wanted to resolve a lot of the problems and issues from the first design.  You'll see a completely different color scheme from the previous red and black.  I wanted to make the site a bit easier on the eyes, and did to a very large degree.  I stuck with the console motif from before but took it a bit further.   I regretted that it wasn't scaling like the previous design and is more of a floating window.  However, it is quite interesting looking, but I felt that it overpowered the content.  Despite that, to some degree, it is my favorite design, and one of my favorites overall, not just of the Eva Monkey site designs.  I like how I really reinvented the design and added a lot of functionality to it.  I put a lot of effort in, and drove myself half nuts getting my idea to work.  It even resulted in a failed initial effort.

Other site versions:

Version 0
Spring 2002

Version 1: Red Cross
Fall 2002 to January 30th, 2004

Version 2: Demo

Version 2: Cold Gaze
January 31st, 2004 to February 28th, 2005

Version 3
April 1st, 2005 to December 31st 2005

Version 3: True
January 1st 2006 to present