Version 3

While I really liked the dynamic visual design of the second version, "Cold Gaze", it was a bit too much, and was comprised of an awful lot of images.  With the third version, my aim was to create a sythesis of a bunch of things.  I wanted something that scaled horizontally, was easy on the eyes, and was clean.  I succeeded to a degree, but my main concern was that it might have been a bit too plain.

Other site versions:

Version 0
Spring 2002

Version 1: Red Cross
Fall 2002 to January 30th, 2004

Version 2: Demo

Version 2: Cold Gaze
January 31st, 2004 to February 28th, 2005

Version 3
April 1st, 2005 to December 31st 2005

Version 3: True
January 1st 2006 to present

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