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Viz Announces final Evangelion manga omnibus

Posted: November 3rd, 2015 by Aaron Clark

Viz announced yesterday on Twitter that they will be releasing a final volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Omnibus edition.  Slated June 2016, the omnibus volume will include the final two individual volumes of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s Evangelion manga, volumes 13 & 14.  I anticipate there will be some bonus content produced to help pad out the final omnibus, perhaps not enough to approximate an entire ~175 page manga volume, but definitely something to add value to the release.

The omnibus, or “3 in 1” format was well timed, as many fans were previously finding it difficult to track down certain volumes of the manga.  However it was pointed out to me recently that the full run, including the elusive volume 9, was available on Amazon, so it would seem that Viz did a print run recently, possibly due to the release of the 14th and final volume.  So if you’ve been missing a volume or two, you may want to look into snagging some copies before they go out of print.

Evangelion 3.33 release date revealed by FUNimation at New York Comic Con

Posted: October 12th, 2015 by Aaron Clark

FUNimation announced Saturday at its industry panel at New York Comic Con that it will be releasing Evangelion 3.33 to home video February 2nd, 2016.  Exact details are forthcoming, however it appears that it will be sold as a Blu-ray/DVD combo.  It would seem that this is it, finally, after nearly two full years of delays.  You may recall that in the past, FUNimation had announced a release date of February 18th, 2014, only to retract that information a few days later.  Evangelion 3.33 has since been elusive, to the frustration of many fans, with some claiming they were giving up on FUNimation’s release in favor of other methods, both legitimate, and not.

The reason behind all of this is still somewhat vague.  The short is that the English dub that was released to theaters in early 2014 was not well received, to the point that some amount of the dub was reworked.  FUNimation was said to have worked closely with khara to do the film justice, and that khara was contributing a subtitle track of their own.   Beyond that, nothing truly satisfactory was ever shared publicly to explain or justify such a long delay.  Whatever the reason, it’s a relief to finally have something definite.


20th Anniversary of Evangelion

Posted: October 4th, 2015 by Aaron Clark

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 1, “Angel Attack” aired 20 years ago on TV Tokyo. Happy 20th, Evangelion!

Neon Genesis IMPACTS short released on Animator Expo

Posted: September 18th, 2015 by Aaron Clark

The third short dedicated to Evangelion in the Animator Expo series has been released.  Titled “Neon Genesis IMPACTS”, the short revolves around a trio of female high school students who, as a musical group, go by “Impacts”.  The story opens with one member, Ayako, leaving with her family to avoid the danger of life in Tokyo-3.

One of the things about Evangelion that I wish was visited upon more often is life outside of the Nerv bubble.  We get a few peaks into the world outside of Nerv at various points in the show, but the show never really delves into the reality of the situation, the way in which Nerv, the Angels, and the Evangelions affect the lives of outsiders, whether they be people in other countries around the world, or just regular citizens of Tokyo-3 who have little or nothing to do with Nerv.  This short delves into that somewhat, and I really enjoyed seeing a story, albeit short, that touched upon that.

I would definitely suggest checking this out, these shorts are only made available for a limited amount of time.  The prior two shorts are no longer available to view, however i’m sure some enterprising YouTube searches would turn something up.

Evangelion Panel at Otakon 2015

Posted: July 20th, 2015 by Aaron Clark

If you’re going to be attending Otakon 2015 this weekend, please stop by my Evangelion panel commemorating the 20th anniversary of Evangelion, as well as 2015, its year of significance.  It’s currently scheduled for Friday, July 24, from 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM in Panel 1 (BCC 314-315).  This year I will be joined by fellow Eva Geeks admin Drinian, as well as the illustrious Carl Horn, who has been editing Evangelion manga forever.  He currently works for Dark Horse, and before that Viz, so he has been involved in the English release of every Evangelion manga with the exception of Angelic Days, which was released by ADV Manga.  Please join us as we look back, reflect, and reminisce on 20 years of Evangelion.  You may even win a prize!

2015: The Year of Evangelion
2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s premiere on TV Tokyo in 1995. Coincidentally 2015 is also the year the show is set in. Despite its age, Evangelion remains an active and vibrant fixture of the worldwide Japanese pop culture industry, with new movies, manga, merchandise, and various promotions being released and launched at a steady pace. Join us as we reflect and reminisce on the history of the franchise, from its ups to its downs, the various quirky and sometimes unusual cross-promotional campaigns, and the many ways that fans have shown their enthusiasm and admiration for Evangelion.

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