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Shukyoku no Tsuzuki, hereafter reffered to as "After the End", is one of the overlooked bits of official Evangelion goodness. It originally appeared as track number 2 on the "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Addition" CD released December 12, 1996 by King Records. The drama track features the entire cast of Evangelion, as well as Hideaki Anno, who also wrote and directed.

The premise of "After the End" is simple, the characters of Eva have enjoyed a much deserved rest after their series concluded, however, the buisness executives have signed the papers to begin a new Evangelion series. The only problem is that the cast has no script, and the voice recording has to be done immediately to air in the evening.

"After the End" is similar in tone to the action arc (episodes 7-13) or to the alternate universe of episode 26. It's at times quite silly, without any of the psychological drama or character conflicts of the series. This is meant to be entirely comedic, and is rather amusing at certain points.


Around 1999, "After the End" received an English fan translation by Matthew Grimes, which was later used to create an illustrated fansub called a "Picsub". On January 11th, 2002, Ian Roberts of Zettai Unmei Anime completed a picsub of the audio drama which has circulated IRC and various peer to peer applications.

How does one fan sub an audio file? In Ian's own words:

"A Picsub is a method of subtitling something that doesn't have any video, such as audio dramas. What I have done is I've represented each character talking with a small picture of them taken from the series. The translated speech is then put in a bubble underneath them, much like a computer game - example

The backgrounds, titles, and various other things are taken form the series and so on in order to create a visual to go with the audio. The video is made up of individual stills created in Adobe Photoshop which are then imported into Adobe Premiere to make them into a video. A small amount of video editing and technical trickery and you have the finished product. Easy but time consuming."


The "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Addition" CD

The original translation by Mattew Grimes

The "After the End" Picsub[zua]-Eva_After-the-End_Picsub.avi

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