from The End of Evangelion

Alternate Live Action Sequence

Gekijouban #26 Jissha Part - Tokubetsu Rush Henshuuban
Movie Version #26 Real Life Action Part - Special Rush Edited Version

One little known fact is that the live action montage at the beginning of The End of Evangelion are in fact from a larger sequence which was cut from the final version of the film. In the sequence, we see a depiction of life similar to that in the alternate reality of episode 26 of the television series. However, this sequence is much more realistic, shot on film, and starring Megumi Hayashibara, Kotono Mitsuishi, and Yuko Miyamura as the real life incarnations of their characters. And interestingly, we see a world without Eva, without Nerv, and ironically, without Shinji. The script for the sequence was translated by Bochan_bird, and posted on Eva Otaku. With the release of the Renewal set, which included the live action sequence amongst its extras, we now have a subbed capture of the sequence courtesy of AchtungAffen of Rei Liberation Parade.


The Alternate Live Action Sequence[RLP].avi

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