Eva Monkey at New York Comic Con 2011

By Aaron Clark on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

I lapsed into a period of inactivity recently.  Been a bit busy with things other than Evangelion fandom, but that’s going to change for a bit.  I’ll be hosting a panel I’m putting together called Evangelion Deconstructed.  The panel itself is a survey of a variety of sources that went into creating Evangelion.  We’ll be looking at a variety of it’s facets, pointing out and talking about design motifs, pop culture references, scientific concepts, where characters names, likenesses, and personality traits came from, and of course, where the religious imagery came from.  It should be interesting, and highly factual.  This will be my first Comic Con, and I’m very pleased to be attending as a panelist, representing my fandom.  I hope to meet lots of cool people while I’m there.