Evangelion Roller Coaster Event at Sega’s Joypolis Theme Park

By Aaron Clark on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

From November 22, 2016 to January 9, 2017, the Tokyo branch of Sega’s Joypolis theme park chain will be celebrating its 20th anniversary by collaborating with Evangelion for the “Evangelion × Joypolis Impact” event.  For a limited time, the Geki-on Live Coaster, an attraction which is part roller coaster and part music game, will be rebranded into an Evangelion-themed attraction.  The special Evangelion roller coaster will provide attendees the experience  of riding in the cockpit of an Evangelion.

Evangelion rides have been popular theme park attractions in the past several years.  There have also been Evangelion-themed rides and rollercoasters at “Evangelion World” at Fuji-Q Highland, and at “Cool Japan” at Universal Studios Japan.