Evangelion Shinkansen Transformer by Takara Tomy

By Aaron Clark on Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Evangelion Shinkansen Transformer500 Type Eva TransformerTakara Tomy, who produces Transformers toys in Japan, is releasing an Evangelion Shinkansen Transformer, referred to as a “Shinkalion”.  The Shinkalion transforms from the 500 Type Eva Shinkansen into a robot, with one locomotive serving as a shield, and also wields a Spear of Longinus.  For added measure, the Shinkalion can also combine with the E5 Shinkansen Transformer to form an even bigger robot, the E5X500 Type Eva Shinkalion.  The toy is being released October 5th, with a price of 8,640 yen.  There is apparently a whole line of these things, if you’re interested.

If you’re unfamiliar, there is an Evangelion-themed bullet train, or “shinkansen”, in operation in Japan through 2018.  They also released it as an N Scale model train earlier this year through Kato USA.  And, it’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t the first Evangelion Transformer that Takara Tomy has produced.  In 2014, they released a special edition Unit-01 themed MP-10 Optimus Prime, as well as several Evangelion Transformers in their super-deformed Q-Transformers line.

As far as ridiculous ideas goes, this is pretty out there, partially because it takes several ideas that were already kind of ridiculous, and combines them all together to form an even more ridiculous idea.  See what I did there?

If you’re interested, Takara Tomy released a video showing off the toy, and it’s different modes:

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