Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Evangelion x Full Graphic Kimono Project Available for Order

By Aaron Clark on Saturday, November 19th, 2016

evangelion-kimono-projectbb632f66e40347bb9c65383e37b7702dLast month I posted about Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Evangelion x Full Graphic kimono project taking votes on six designs featuring scenes from Evangelion 3.0.

It looks like the winner ended up being the design focused on various dramatic moments featuring the Eva Units.  The design is now available for prorder, although they refer to the kimonos as “rewards” and purchasers as “backers”, so my assumption is they’re running the preorder like a crowd-funded campaign, and if enough people don’t preorder, the kimono won’t actually be produced and sold.

I’m not completely sold on the idea, but the sample they produced looks much classier than I expected. The “Evangelion 3.0” lettering at the bottom ruins the design for me.

If you’re interested, it definitely would be a very unique collector’s item, as only 100 will be produced.

Source: EVANGELION × Full Graphic Kimono