Before you dig in...

Author: Yoshitou Asari (Designer, Angels Sachiel, Shamshel, and Zeruel)
Source: Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 2
Translated by: William Flanagan and David Ury
Dated: April, 1996

As I write this, the Evangelion anime series is almost at the halfway point on TV,  The story is starting to get interesting.  But aren't you all tired of hearing about it?

We on the anime staff give out these little clues here and there.  And fans who are obsessed with small details give praise; they shout "Wow!" and "Amazing!"; they try to predict where the plot of the series is headed.

Well, that's one way to enjoy Neon Genesis Evangelion.  But it's like judging a meal by the presentation and the china.  "It looks delicious" or "Oh, these plates are pretty."  Does that mean the food is good?  "I don't like the way it's arranged," or "I wouldn't have chosen these dishes."  Does that mean the food is bad?  You scrutinize the silverware pattern of the fork—but how does it taste?

Look: Evangelion is actually a typical drama.  Why not just call it Shinji's Life: The Drama?  And in that case, why don't people just watch it like a normal show?

Listen: Evangelion is the only anime on the air this season with a concept of cuisine.  All others focus only on presentation.  Well—people are used to packaged food, whether it's the way it comes packaged on a supermarket shelf, or on a restaurant platter.  People have forgotten that real cuisine can be eaten.

Evangelion can be eaten.  Stop watching it and try eating it.

Evangelion is the first, last and only show of its kind where you can take the fact that it is edible for granted.  Please appreciate the happiness of being able to bite right down, right away

But please don't misunderstand me.  I'm not talking about the critical acclaim for Evangelion.  This is something totally separate.

I said it was edible.  I made no claims of its flavor,  If you taste and swallow before the final episode and find it disagreeable, then by all means say so aloud.  As the consumer you have that right, just as I will speak my own mind here and elsewhere.

But when you find it delicious... make even more certain that you say so.  And in an even louder voice.

If you like this new thing, edibility, make it known.  So that some other day you'll get the chance to truly dine again.