The design concept is "Enormous Power Restained"

Written by: Ikuto Yamashita (Mecha Designer)
Source: Originally published in the Japanese edition of Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 1
Dated: ???

"So why did Evangelion wind up with that shape?"  I figure that from now on I will hear that question countless times.   The director instructed me to make, "the image of a demon."  A giant just barely under the control of mankind.  I get the feeling I've seen that correlation before... The image I had for the design concept was the fairy tale, Gulliver's Travels.  Enormous Power Restrained.

And I wonder if what I came up with was what the director was driving at.  Or was I simply some unprepossesing unknown leading a charmed existance.  What I came up with was a giant that looks like a relief on a wall.  To achieve my selfish desire, I happily discarded the efficiency and feeling of giant size that you can guess at by sight alone.  But now, what I should talk about is how my weaknesses were dealt with by the courage, craft and techniques of the animators and animation choreographers.  A feat such that I should like to take pride in myself.

However after the designs were handed in, it caused a stir-even among the staff, positive and negative opinions were flying.  And from here on out, I imagine it will cause a stir among comic readers and animation viewers.  And probably every time I will be asked the same question, "Why did Evangelion wind up with that shape?"  In the comic, and in the animation...  I hope you will be watching events unfold.