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Manga Volume 2 Commentary

Manga Volume 2 Commentary

Written by: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Translated by: William Flanagan & David Ury
Source: Originally published in the Japanese edition of Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 2

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

The design concept in Eva was that the characters themselves should lean towards a relatively subdued appearance.  But the plug suits!    Gaudy as hell.  Embarassing--I mean, they almost look like, y'know, body paint.  Naturally, I thought the cos-players wouldn't even consider attempting it.

But there were, at the December '95 Comic Market, the February '96 Wonder Festival, at the... You know, I hate crowds, so ordinarily the whole cos-play scene is no more than a distant reality.  But this... this, I had to see.  Specifically, I had to see the girls in sky-blue wigs, wearing white plugsuits.  Mmmm.  I had to see it.