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Manga Volume 3 Commentary

Manga Volume 3 Commentary

Written by: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Translated by: William Flanagan & David Ury
Source: Originally published in the Japanese edition of Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 3

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

I heard that dogs and cats have emotions too, though of course their facial expressions don't change as much as ours.  And of course, it would look pretty damn creepy if they did.

But might it also result in fewer abandoned animals?

An emotional change causes muscles in the face to tense, producing an "expression".  Rei is expressionless, but is it that she doesn't feel emotion, or that she is merely unable to express it?

Back in reality, it's my moment of happiness to see a girl's innocent smile.    But I guess there won't be any of those as long as they're reading this manga.