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Manga Volume 4 Commentary

Manga Volume 4 Commentary

Written by: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Translated by: William Flanagan & David Ury
Source: Originally published in the Japanese edition of Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 4

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Cars, motorcycles, the summer sun, and the sleepy-time that summer sun brings.   Yes, these are my favorite things--the things that interfere with my work.

I started forward on this particular career path knowing full well the likes of me could never hold down a regular job.  But even managing to draw a manga has proven an uphill battle for a manga-ka such as you see before you: a good-for-nothing entirely empty of self-management skills.  It's not like I've got to come up with a whole new story or anything in doing the Evangelion manga.  I mean, I'm just supposed to do a chapter every month, not every week like the TV show.

And still I want to give myself a reward if I so much as manage to turn it in on time.

Sigh.  It's tough to go on living, isn't it?  It's like you have to take 100 strokes of the whip for just one lick of the lollipop.  But this particular lollipop you're reading now--it is my guess--would not taste sweet at all without first laying down those lashes.