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Manga Volume 9 Commentary

Manga Volume 9 Commentary

Written by: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Translated by: William Flanagan & David Ury
Source: Originally published in the Japanese edition of Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 9

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

The way she looks, the way she moves--the graceful beauty of her form. There is nothing like a sports car. Invest your time, money and affection in one and you will get guaranteed rewards.

By contrast, relationships often lack that promise of exhilarating speed, nimble maneuverability, and elegant bodywork.

Still, I admit I have an unfathomable fascination with romance--and whether your object of affection be a pop star on TV or a two-dimensional drawing, you may count upon the pitiful genetic programming of that degenerate creature called man to rise to the fore. Hence my careless life of cars, women, and manga. All that's missing is alcohol. You never know; perhaps my laid-back ethic would be better suited for the Caribbean.