April Convention Blitz

By Aaron Clark on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Hi everyone, I’d like to fill you in on some fan conventions coming up in April. I’ll actually be presenting at four events, so if you live in or around the Mid-Atlantic Region, then there’s at least one event coming up for you to look into. I always enjoy meeting new people in the fandom. So come say hello. Just don’t be weird, okay? Or at least… no weirder than I am.

Kamecon Logo


April 2, 2017
University of Maryland
College Park, MD

Japan Loves Evangelion, Entirely Too Much
Join us as we take a look at the many ways that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Japan loves Evangelion entirely too much. From zany merchandise, to theme park attractions, to an attempt to send an unmanned probe to pierce the moon’s surface with a miniature replica of the Spear of Longinus.

Requiem for Konami
Join us as we bid a fond farewell to Konami, a beloved game company who, through a series of terrible business decisions, may never publish another proper successor to any of its beloved franchises. We’ll look back to how it started, up to the present day, and its sad shift to pachinko and mobile.

Cecil Con Logo

Cecil Con

April 8, 2017
Cecil College
North East, MD

Evangelion Deconstructed
In an effort to better understand its many mysteries, Evangelion has been put under a microscope more than many shows.  Some of this deconstruction has led to a better understanding of certain elements of the plot, but much of it has revealed the creative process, and just how many places the show has pulled ideas, visuals, and motifs from.  From Kamen Rider and Ultraman to 2001: A Space Odyssey and The X-Files, Evangelion has borrowed from a lot of other properties, not to mention previous Gainax works, and other anime series.  This panel will present a broad survey of what went into creating Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I Love the Power Glove, It’s So Bad
In retrospect, Lucas Barton’s iconic line in 1989’s “The Wizard” can be viewed as a skillfully disguised, though painfully self-aware assessment of the officially licensed Nintendo product. The Power Glove is one of numerous video game accessories that never should have seen actual production. Consider this panel an absurd compendium for those who like to gawk, as well as necessary catharsis for those who were unfortunate enough to own some of these awful video game contraptions.

JohnCon Logo


April 14-16, 2017
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD

Japan Loves Evangelion, Entirely Too Much
Join us as we take a look at the many ways that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Japan loves Evangelion entirely too much. From zany merchandise, to theme park attractions, to an attempt to send an unmanned probe to pierce the moon’s surface with a miniature replica of the Spear of Longinus.

Getting Started with Fuse Beads (Workshop)
Fuse beads are a form of pixel art where small beads are placed on a grid to form an or image and then melted together with a household iron. If you’ve ever thought about getting into fuse beads, it’s actually really easy, and this workshop will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Zenkaikon Logo


April 28-30, 2017
Lancaster County Convention Center
Lancaster, PA

Evangelion Manga: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Late in 1994, the manga iteration of Neon Genesis Evangelion began its long, slow, irregular run in Shonen Ace magazine. It finally concluded in the summer of 2014, and during the two decades it was in sporadic publication, numerous other Evangelion manga series popped up to fill the void. Their quality may vary, but the important thing to keep in mind is that there is one where Shinji is a detective who solves mysteries, and one where the children play video games to secretly train them for the battle ahead. For better or for worse, this panel will bring you up to speed on all that you’ve missed.

The Life & Works of Hideaki Anno
Evangelion has been wildly successful and popular worldwide. But despite its popularity, its principal creator, Hideaki Anno, remains shrouded in mystery for many people. This panel will take a look at his life and works, and provide biographical information about the man who created Evangelion.

Sega does… what Nintendon’t
We’ll take a look at the history of Sega, how it became a serious competitor to Nintendo, where it went wrong, and how it all fell apart. We’ll look at its well-known hardware blunders, as well as the advertising and marketing that ranged from absurd to just plain “what were they thinking” weird.

Panelist Bootcamp (Workshop)
Whether you’re a complete newbie with an idea looking for some guidance, or an experienced panelist looking to sharpen your skills, this workshop will provide you the tools you need to succeed at presenting panels in the future.

So that’s it for the month of April. It’s going to be super busy for me in terms of fan conventions. I hope to possibly meet some of you out there. So if you’re in the Mid-Atlantic Region, have a look at these events, and consider attending. Until next time, thank you very much for watching!

“I (Don’t) Need You”, an Evangelion Cosplay Music Video

By Aaron Clark on Monday, February 20th, 2017

“I (Don’t) Need You”, an Evangelion Cosplay Music VideoCosplay and AMVs are both vibrant subsets of anime fandom, and I feel like cosplay music videos (or CMVs for short) are an overlooked intersection of the two.  It’s not something I seek out, but occasionally I stumble across one, and find it a refreshing break from your typical AMV that sources solely from the primary animated work.  After you spend enough time in a particular fandom, the animated visuals can get stale and repetitive.  AMVs focusing on Asuka’s fight with the mass produced Evangelion series in The End of Evangelion are a dime a dozen, for example.  So it’s refreshing to see fans create familiar as well as entirely new visuals through the mediums of cosplay and filmmaking.

“I (Don’t) Need You”, an Evangelion Cosplay Music Video is one such example.  Produced by livingyosuke (who also portrayed Shinji) and featuring shino_usagi as Asuka, this music video set to “Strange Boy” by Kerli and explores the chaotic relationship between Asuka and Shinji.  The video itself is a frenetic mixture of familiar and new visuals, conveying a slightly broader picture than footage from the original series would allow.  Definitely worth giving a watch if you’re looking for a break from conventional AMVs.

Evangelion News Roundup for Winter 2017

By Aaron Clark on Friday, February 10th, 2017

Studio khara Sues Gainax for 100 Million Yen in Royalties

By Aaron Clark on Thursday, December 1st, 2016

According to a recent filing at the Tokyo District Court’s Tachikawa Branch, Studio khara has sued Studio Gainax for 100 million yen (approximately $878,619) in royalties owed to them.  Specifically, Gainax has an agreement to pay royalties to khara for revenue earned from the works of Hideaki Anno, such as Gunbuster, Nadia, and Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances).

This is particularly interesting because of the history that binds the two companies together.  Gainax was founded by Hideaki Anno, current Gainax president Hiroyuki Yamaga, and a slew of other recognizable names, such as Evangelion character designer and mangaka Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.  In 2007, when Yamaga wanted to produce Gurren Lagann and Anno wanted to produce Rebuild of Evangelion, Yamaga urged Anno to spin off his own studio to produce Evangelion.  Since then, while Gainax has dwindled as a result, it seems as if the two companies have maintained a positive relationship, so it’s somewhat sad to hear that buisness has led to litigation.  Hopefully this doesn’t mean the further decline of Gainax, a studio many people remember fondly.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Anime News Network

Shin Godzilla vs. Evangelion Symphony Concert Event

By Aaron Clark on Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Studio khara is sponsoring a Shin Godzilla vs. Evangelion symphony concert event at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall venue in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, March 22 – March 23, 2017.  There will be performances will be at 1PM and 6PM.  Hideaki Anno will be serving as executive director for the event, and composer Shirō Sagisu will be handling music direction and arrangement.  This marks the first time Evangelion’s soundtrack has been performed by a full orchestra in Japan since Evangelion Symphony in 1997.

Source: Cruncyroll

Ten things you might have missed in The End of Evangelion

By Aaron Clark on Thursday, November 24th, 2016

I don’t need to tell you that The End of Evangelion is a film brimming with detail. You can watch it numerous times and still find things you didn’t notice before. There are literally parts of the movie where you have to go frame by frame to catch certain details. On top of that, the release of The End of Evangelion that was put out by Manga Entertainment makes some of these details even harder to catch, because quite honestly, it’s terrible. It was technically inferior when it was released, and time has not done it any favors whatsoever.

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Animator Takeshi Honda Confirms Final Evangelion Film is in Production

By Aaron Clark on Saturday, November 19th, 2016

honda-interviewhonda-takeshiIn July, Hideaki Anno spoke to Oricon Style, where he stated that he was working hard on the final Rebuild film.  It was comforting confirmation that production was moving ahead, however that could mean anything, from pre-production to simply assembling production staff.  At MCM London Comic Con, animator Takeshi Honda was interviewed by UK Anime Network, and stated in regards to the final film:

“We’re actually working on the new Evangelion film right now. We’re working hard and it’ll come out eventually, so thanks for all of your patience – please continue to be patient, because it’s going to be the last episode.”

This is further confirmation that production is moving along, and coming from an animator, it feels much more tangible.

The full interview is definitely worth the read, and has a few good bits of interesting info about Eva’s original production.

Source: UK Anime Network

Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Evangelion x Full Graphic Kimono Project Available for Order

By Aaron Clark on Saturday, November 19th, 2016

evangelion-kimono-projectbb632f66e40347bb9c65383e37b7702dLast month I posted about Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Evangelion x Full Graphic kimono project taking votes on six designs featuring scenes from Evangelion 3.0.

It looks like the winner ended up being the design focused on various dramatic moments featuring the Eva Units.  The design is now available for prorder, although they refer to the kimonos as “rewards” and purchasers as “backers”, so my assumption is they’re running the preorder like a crowd-funded campaign, and if enough people don’t preorder, the kimono won’t actually be produced and sold.

I’m not completely sold on the idea, but the sample they produced looks much classier than I expected. The “Evangelion 3.0” lettering at the bottom ruins the design for me.

If you’re interested, it definitely would be a very unique collector’s item, as only 100 will be produced.

Source: EVANGELION × Full Graphic Kimono

Evangelion & One Hour Photo

By Aaron Clark on Thursday, November 10th, 2016

As an Evangelion fan, one of the things that I really enjoy is finding connections and threads between Evangelion and other works.  Not just in terms of works that influenced Evangelion, or that Evangelion specifically referenced, but also works that have subsequently been influenced by Evangelion and have made specific references to Evangelion.  It’s fun to see how and where Evangelion pops up, especially when it crosses over into western media.  One Hour Photo is one such example, and it’s one that periodically comes up in discussion within Evangelion fandom.

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Evangelion’s distinctive typography will be sold on CD-ROM in the Evangelion Store.

By Aaron Clark on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

Evangelion Typography CD-ROMNeon Genesis Evangelion was striking and bold in a number of different ways.  People often focus on the characters, the use of symbolism, and the action between Evas and Angels, but the show was also very unique in its use of typography.  From episode title cards to display readouts, typography is used heavily in Evangelion.

Fontworks, who created the font referred to as “Eva Mincho”, will be selling a special CD-ROM containing the fonts and a booklet with additional information about its selection and usage in Evangelion.  The font package will be sold in the Evangelion store starting November 10th, for 4,600 yen ( approximately $44.60 USD).  The package includes fonts from both the original series, as well as the newer Rebuild films.  The fonts are not licensed for commercial usage.

I thought they had exhausted the well of ideas with the Eva bucket.  But to be honest, as a designer, not to mention Eva nerd, part of me really wants this.

Source: Anime News Network